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Книги К.С.носова по военной истории античности и средневековья

"Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons"


Publisher: The Lyons Press, 2005

Hardcover: 344 pages 

There is something alluring about ancient methods of warfare that have been made obsolete by this modern era of computers and machines. Before the days of tanks and machine guns, there were scaling ladders, battering rams, siege towers, throwing machines, bores, and catapults. 

Weapons such as these symbolize power, protection, control, and defiance. 

In the centuries when siege warfare was employed, dominance by any group over a certain area was dependent upon their control over the land. 

To completely subdue an occupied territory one had to seize every fortress and castle in it. During the medieval period significant advancements were made in siege warfare, weapons, tactics, and stratagems.

In Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons, author Konstantin Nossov covers the development of all types of weapons that were used in this time period. 

The tables, charts, and illustrations throughout the book aid the reader in understanding how these weapons were constructed, how they were used, and how they were adjusted to better fit the needs of the warriors. 


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